If you can’t find me in the ocean surfing, or on my epic computer setup in my home office, then you can usually find me somewhere in the northern suburbs with my hands firmly gripped on a packet of white choc Tim-Tams. If none of those work then Ill probably be at my local Coles deciding which tub of Connoisseur to purchase. lolz

I first picked up a camera in 2013 at the ripe age of 23 en route to my first long stint overseas, and since then Ive been hooked! Perfect Day Film Co was born from my love of being able to use my passion of film making to create and give couples a memento they can Cherish for life. The fact that the films I create will literally outlive me and be cherished by generations to come motivates me every time I hit record on a wedding day. Hit the contact form and lets have a chat!

Born: 1989

Resides: Perth WA

Things that make me Stoke-ed! : Making videos, the ocean and surfing, Travelling, exploring the South West, vintage cameras, Consuming vast quantities of food.

Fun Fact: I once worked as an extra on the TV show Black Sails.