Backyard Wedding, Scarborough, WA

James and Britt got hitched in the funnest backyard wedding ever! Their house in Scarborough on the coast of Perth got transformed into a beautiful and intimate backyard ceremony and after party for their close but large group of family and friends.

I don't know where the fuck to start with describing how fun this wedding was, but i hope that the video can do the talking. The whole day from the preps, to the amazing ceremony, to the photoshoot which included shots at the pub and a bottle-o run was non stop fun and filled with laughter, happy tears and fuck loads of beer and wine!

The reception was like a big house party and we ate drank and danced like it was fucking going out of fashion. I had the chance to get the bride and groom to come to the beach the following week and shot a sunset swim with them which i incorporated into the film. Best wedding Ive ever been to! If you only watch one of my films, please make it this one! Stevo


Roelands, Southwest WA

Liam & Chantie gathered their close family and friends on a beautiful rainy september day in the Southwest and tied the Knot at Edith Valley, Roelands. After the ceremony myself and the photographer Ellen joined the convoy of cars as we headed out to the beautiful sorrounds of Edith Valley then back to the beautiful property that the girls got ready at for some more photos.

We shot some epic photo and video at the house and sat around and enjoyed a bit of down time before we all headed back to the reception and got the party started! Reception highlights included MASSIVE pizza slices, Beautiful speeches and a solid commitment from every guest to keep the dance floor heaving all night long!

It was my first time heading to Roelands in the South West and i was certainly not disappointed! looking forward to shooting at Edith Valley again in the future! Liam and Chantie were a dream couple to shoot and this wedding will go down as one of my all time faves!


Dunsborough, Southwest WA

Kyzin and Jade got hitched at the beautiful Meelup Farmhouse in Dunsborough, and were staying close by. Jade, being the legend that she is decided to let me tag along for her morning surf after i pestered her to let me come and film her and some of her girlfriends surfing on the morning of the wedding. We had a beautiful sunrise session at a break just near the wedding, with no one else in the surf or on the beach.

For the rest of the day i had the pleasure of shooting alongside kickass wedding photog Jenna Mason. We shot both preps and got heaps of good stuff before heading to the ceremony, where many a tear were shed as jade and kyzin got married underneath some trees in front of many friends and family from all over WA.

We scored some epic golden hour on the hill above Meelup Farmhouse. The bridal party and the kick ass old school cars they bought along made for some siiiick footage. We then headed to the party where shoes were flung off, glass was broken, awesome speeches were made and everyone got loose. It was such a good day and one of those weddings ill never forget!


Fremantle, WA

Tim + Rachel got effed around by the dreaded C word pretty badly (Covid), and when they finally got around to being able to plan their special day they settled on Assembly Yard in Freo!

They both kicked back in some cool AirBnB's on the morning of the big day and got to open some epic gifts from each other. We headed off to assembly yard for a first look and to relax and have a Champas or two before the ceremony kicked off. Tim And rachel Completely styled the inside of assembly yard themselves and it looked amazing. There was even a wall of crispy cremes!

After a beautiful ceremony led by the wedding crasher, everyone kicked back and relaxed into the evening, enjoying the epic surrounds of assembly yard and some awesome food from Sultan Pepper! a live band ended the night! Such a fun wedding! congrats Tim + Rachel!


Perth Hills, WA

Erin and Chris’s amazing wedding in Tuscany was not meant to be thanks to Fkn Covid, So they threw a Tuscan style wedding in The Perth Hills instead!

After meeting on the Cocos at another wedding in 2017 in a twist of fate, Erin and Chris tied the knot at Quarry farm in the Perth Hills!

Easter egg hunt, gender reveal, pregnancy announcement, a wedding, a silent disco, late night maccas delivery, ice cream cart, long table dinner, this wedding had fu**ing everything!

Let's do this!




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